Steamboat Delights: Explore Our Premium Hotpot Soup Bases

Welcome to our premium selection of steamboat soup bases, where we bring the authentic flavours of traditional hotpot right to your kitchen. The A-Plus range of soup powders is specially crafted to provide you with an effortless yet delicious hotpot experience.

Tomato Soup Powder

Our Tomato Soup Powder is a perfect blend of ripe tomatoes, herbs, and spices, offering a tangy and slightly sweet broth. This vibrant soup base not only adds a colourful touch to your hotpot but also infuses your ingredients with a refreshing and hearty flavour, making it ideal for vegetable and seafood lovers alike.

Pork Bone Soup Powder

Experience the depth of a traditional steamboat with our Pork Bone Soup Powder. Made from high-quality pork bones simmered to perfection, this powder creates a rich, creamy pork soup base that's both nourishing and deeply flavorful.

Mushroom Soup Powder

Our Mushroom Soup Base brings the subtle, earthy flavours of various mushrooms to your hotpot. This vegetarian-friendly base provides a rich umami background that complements a wide array of hotpot ingredients. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a wholesome and aromatic dining experience.

Mala Soup Powder

Turn up the heat with our Mala Soup Powder, a fiery blend of Sichuan peppercorns, chilli, and spices that offers an electrifying kick to your steamboat. This spicy soup base is perfect for those who love a challenge and want to add an extra dimension of flavour to their meal. Pair it with some chicken and vegetables for an unforgettable chicken soup base.

Herbal Soup Powder

Embrace the healing powers of traditional Chinese medicine with our Herbal Soup Powder. This gentle yet flavorful broth is made with a careful selection of herbs known for their health benefits, providing a soothing and therapeutic hotpot experience. It’s particularly great for nourishing the body and soul, especially during colder months.

Tom Yum Soup Powder

Bring a taste of Thailand to your hotpot with our Tom Yum Soup Powder. This powder is perfect for a meat soup base that offers a hot and sour flavour profile that is unmistakably Thai.

Why Choose A-Plus Food Hotpot Soup Bases

Versatility: Our range of soup bases caters to every taste, from the rich and meaty to the spicy and aromatic, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Quality Ingredients: We use only the finest, freshest ingredients in our soup bases, ensuring your hotpot is not only delicious but also nutritious.

Ease of Use: Designed with convenience in mind, our soup bases make setting up your steamboat or hotpot as easy as pouring and simmering, allowing you more time to enjoy with family and friends.

Authentic Flavours: Each soup base is crafted to deliver authentic flavours that are true to their culinary origins, bringing an authentic dining experience right to your table.

Our hotpot soup bases are designed with your convenience and taste preferences in mind. Each powder is easy to prepare, requiring only the addition of water to bring your hotpot to life. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, enjoying a family meal, or indulging in some personal comfort food, our soup bases cater to all occasions and dietary needs.

Get Ready for a Steamboat or Hotpot Feast Like No Other

Whether you’re planning a cosy family dinner or a lively gathering with friends, our hot soup bases are your ticket to a delicious and effortless meal. Explore our selection today and discover the perfect base that will transform your steamboat or hotpot into an unforgettable culinary journey.